Bio & Press Kit

Martin Graff is an artistauthor, spoken-word performer, composer-pianist, and extreme-chin-beard enthusiast living in Northern Virginia. He imagines and illustrates faces―human, animal, alien, abstract―and adds poetic prose to associate with each.

“It started in childhood. To amuse the five-year-old me, my father drew a face on the inside bottom of a large water thermos that he used for tennis. When you looked into the empty container, you could see a deep, swollen, horizontal slit at the end where the halves of the plastic mold came together.  With a long pencil, Dad drew two black circles above the slit, now a ‘mouth,’ and my imagination was triggered: the resulting expression was weird, cute, and mildly foreboding all at once. That simple, neutral water bottle became a sentient oddity for which to compose a strange and entertaining backstory.”

He’s been at it ever since, finding unexpected narratives and messages in the ordinary details around him. His live spoken-word show adds original piano compositions to heighten the experience. 

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